Tony (tygz) wrote in shinecyndishine,

Nervous Energy

I think I crushed Cyndi Lauper's hand when I shook it, on Sunday, at the True Colors tour. I was filled with nervous energy, finally meeting Ms. Lauper, after following her since 1984. She's so tiny!  I also got to meet Margret Cho and the guys from Erasure.  It was a great concert, with Cyndi opening up her part with "Hole in My Heart" and later doing one of my favorites, "When You Were Mine." I hope you get to check the True Colors show out!

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I can't wait...I will be seeing the show in Dallas on the 23rd. I LOVE Cyndi...I would probably cry if I met her! Was it oustanding? How long did Cyndi perform? You can find the set list there. It's about 45 minutes...most folk had 30 minutes or so